10 Things to Consider when planning an Office Fit Out?

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10 Things to Consider when planning an Office Fit Out?

Our workplaces have seen many changes over recent years. Many companies are adopting flexible working practices and we now have a greater understanding of how a well-designed workplace can contribute positively to staff wellbeing and productivity. There is a lot to consider when planning an office refurbishment project. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the key considerations to guide you to through the thought process needed to get started, help you to make the best choices when it comes to choosing the right fit out contractors and to ensure you keep your costs to a minimum:

  1. Establish your budget

    A large budget may allow you to completely rethink the layout of your space whereas a more modest budget might require a different approach.

  1. Think about how your business operates

    Reflect on how your business works. Wow can your current space act as a constraint and conversely are there elements that work perfectly? Would an alternative use of space allow you to operate differently? These elements will be important design considerations.


  1. Environment

What sort of environment do you want to create?  You may need different spaces for different functions. A creative environment might need collaborative areas where people can share ideas, for example.  Lighting, branding and acoustic solutions are all design considerations that will come into play to create your ideal office environment.

  1. Technology

Embracing the latest technology and associated services can be a good long-term investment. Modern air conditioning, lighting, telephone and networking solutions often provide better efficiency as well as offering longer term cost savings.


  1. Meeting spaces

Think carefully about how your meeting rooms are used.  When you schedule a meeting, how often does that meeting require privacy and a soundproof room? How often do we see two or three people in a meeting room designed to accommodate many more? Is a large meeting room really the best use of space? Modern workplace design increasingly favours more informal meeting spaces that can be used flexibly where visual and acoustic privacy is achieved in different ways.


  1. Wellbeing 

Studies have proven that a focus on workplace wellbeing will result in improved productivity, increased morale, fewer sick days and better staff retention.


  1. Future Growth

Think about your future plans and how your use of space might chance in the years to ensure your space will allow for future business growth.


  1. Brand and image

Create a favourable impression with staff and clients by reflecting your brand identity and values into your workplace design.


  1. Furniture

Don’t skimp on office furniture. Think about the ergonomic qualities and durability of your office furniture, it is worth investing in decent office equipment and furniture that will last.


  1. Selecting the right contactor

Choose a reputable integrated services firm that can help you with the design and the build of your office fit out. Using one contractor rather than juggling architects, office designers and different builders and trades yourself will save costs and time. You’ll benefit from having one project manager who will act a single point of contact to ensure that all elements are synchronised.  

Mobius Works is a leading integrated services company providing innovative office fit-out services that will ensure your workspace is brought to life on time and budget through quality workmanship and attention to detail.


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