5 Steps To Creating A Comfortable Retail Environment

How to create a comfortable environment for your customers



Creating a comfortable environment in your business will boost productivity and motivation among your employees and encourage customers to spend more time browsing.

Retail areas should be inviting and not only bring people into the shop, but make them not want to leave!

After all, the more time shoppers spend in a shop, the more money they’re likely to spend.

Take a look at these ideas to create a better environment. If you need help with your retail fit out Mobius Works can help.


Getting people to come into your shop isn’t always about what you’re selling.

In the UK the weather isn’t always ideal but the frost and the rain during the winter and the scorching heat during the summer doesn’t stop us from getting on with our lives. Shoppers will sometimes go into stores simply to warm up or to cool down and if they’re comfortable, they’re likely to start browsing.

Temperature control is crucial to creating a comfortable environment for both employees and customers. Installing a commercial heating system near the front door with give the customer a lovely burst of warm air as they enter.

Ventilation systems will also help to combat condensation on the glass, which will make store window displays look much better.

Finding a suitable temperature that everyone is happy with isn’t easy, but ensuring that you have all the right equipment installed is the first step you can take to creating a pleasant atmosphere.


Businesses spend a lot of time choosing the right music to play in their shops. The music they choose should help to create a pleasant atmosphere while still reflecting the personality of the brand.

However, shop owners often don’t give much thought as to how other noises can affect the comfort of their customers.  Buzzing from lighting fixtures, tills and ventilation systems can be irritating to customers so it may be wise to invest in higher quality systems that don’t make as much noise and save more energy.


A little natural lighting can go a long way. Not only can it make a retail space look bigger, but it can even make the products look better. People aren’t going to be likely to make a purchase if they can’t properly examine the item and read the price tag.

Proper lighting will also help your employees productivity and will help to prevent mistakes or accidents.

There is such a thing as too much sunlight however. Whether it’s at work or in the car, nobody likes it when they’re stuck in a position where the sun is shining directly in their eyes. It may also be a good idea to consider installing blinds or tinted windows if your business is in a particularly sunny spot.


While some people enjoy shopping alone, others prefer to do it in groups. Every shopper is unique and likely to be looking for something different. Unfortunatley, this might mean that your shop isn’t what they’re looking for.

Consider offering a comfortable seating area where people can sit and relax while their friends or family peruse the shelves without feeling pressured to leave.

Seating areas are also great in changing rooms and areas where customers are encourage to try on accessories, flip through books or test out products.


It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, whether it’s shoes, books or TVs, no customer wants to step into a confusing, unorganised space. Most people won’t want to dig through piles or reach behind items to find what they’re looking for and your employees won’t appreciate a messy environment either.

Good organisation will lead to higher productivity levels for team members and customers will enjoy browsing and find what they’re looking for much faster.


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