6 Great Reasons to Choose Electric Heating

Forget those old-fashioned storage heating systems.  Modern electric heating provides an increasingly popular and sensible choice for any home or office.  Here’s why:

Flexible and versatile

Since no flue or pipe-work is required, there are none of the associated restrictions or regulatory issues to dictate where heaters are positioned.  This means electric heaters can be installed almost anywhere in a room.

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Safe and reliable

With no fuel burnt internally to generate heat there are none of the associated safety risks such as carbon monoxide poisoning or gas leaks. There are few moving parts to break down or wear out, making electric heating extremely reliable.

Comfort and Control

Electric heating products incorporate highly sensitive thermostatic controls that ensure a consistent room temperature. The controls allow you to heat the rooms you spend most time in rather than heating an entire building.

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Environmentally friendly

Modern electric heating products are 100% energy efficient. They have a lower environmental impact when compared to other fuel types. There is no carbon dioxide, zero emissions and no wood, fossil fuels or other natural resources are taken from the environment.

Low installation and lifetime costs

Domestic electrical installation of Quantam is quick and easy. There is no pipe-work and minimal disruption is caused as part of the installation process. Additional units can be added without hassle.

Since electric heating is inexpensive to install and requires little or no ongoing maintenance lifetime costs are very favourable when compared with gas systems.

Low Running costs

Modern electric heating systems, such as Quantam from Dimplex can be up to 47% cheaper than an electric convector or radiator system which could add up to annual cost savings of as much as £975 per annum *

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*Calculated using SAP 2012 – the only Government approved energy performance assessment method