Developing Talent through Apprenticeships

Last year, Mobius electrical apprentice Matt Jones came in as a highly commended runner-up at the NICEIC and ELECSA Apprentice of the Year Awards. That’s no easy feat, having been selected as one of eight finalists from more than 650 apprenticeship applications across the UK. With the first stage consisting of an electrical installation-related online exam and the second a 90-minute examination covering a variety of practical tests, Matt proved his mettle as one of the top electrical apprentices in the UK. 

Mobius’ commitment to offering first-class apprenticeships to talented young people continues to burn as brightly as ever, with a full understanding and appreciation of the importance they have, the contribution they make and the role they’ll play in the continued growth of the company.  

And so, the apprenticeship quest – and acquisition of the UK’s future of flourishing skilled electricians – continues with two of Mobius’ most recent apprentices. Step forward Sam Newland and Albert Graham, the latest additions to the company’s commitment to securing the region’s most promising and talented apprentices. 


As is often the case with many young people, Sam found it initially difficult to find a suitable apprenticeship but is now doing extremely well. Albert, on the other hand, decided he wanted a career change and enrolled as an adult trainee. Through dedication and hard work, both of them have proven to be hardworking, well-respected members of the Mobius team. They also go to show how the apprenticeship scheme can be adapted to support and work for people of divergent ages and backgrounds. 

So, let’s turn to Sam and Albert themselves, who here shed some light on how the apprenticeship scheme has helped them.

How difficult was it for you to find an apprenticeship position?
Sam: It was very difficult as not many companies were taking on apprentices when I was looking a year ago.

Why did you decide you wanted a career change?
Albert: I was unhappy in my previous job and wanted to learn a trade.

How did you hear about Mobius and their apprenticeship schemes?
Sam: I heard about Mobius through an electrical contractor who I did my work experience with. He recommended me to Mobius.
Albert: Through job sites and handing out my CV.

What have you learned so far?
Sam: I have learnt a huge amount of electrical remedial works over the last 10 months whilst working at Mobius. I have had the opportunity to work at a diverse range of sites from Luxury homes and apartments to warehouses and factories.
Albert: I have learned a variety of different work types including first and second fixing power, lighting, fire alarms and communications

How supportive have Mobius been during your apprenticeship?
Sam: If I ever need any assistance, I am always welcome to contact the office to seek advice.
Albert: They put me in touch with DCET college and have been supportive to guide me into the adult trainee route to the electrical industry.

How has the apprenticeship helped your confidence and your skills?
Sam: My confidence has increased greatly since working with Mobius, through working with lots of different people and also learning so any new skills.
Albert: It has helped as I am now a lot more confident with what I’m installing.  

What would you say to others considering an apprenticeship with Mobius?
Sam: I would highly recommend getting an apprenticeship with Mobius as they are a great company to work for.
Albert: Mobius does a wide range of electrical works that spans luxury residential , commercial and industrial so it is ideal for an apprenticeship as you are learning a variety of different skills in a range of enviroments.

In the cases of Sam and Albert, it’s clear that Mobius’ apprenticeship scheme has helped them develop and given them a unique opportunity to build their confidence in a demanding, competitive trade to pursue their chosen career path. Key to this too is the fact that both men have joined the scheme from very different personal angles: Sam after a somewhat frustrating struggle to find a placement, and Albert after making the bold decision for a very specific career change. 

It’s precisely this embracing and nurturing of talent from all backgrounds that makes Mobius a fantastic company to work for, bucking the trend for apprentice recruitment to encourage and support a new wave of passionate, enthusiastic, motivated trainees who are shaping the future of the electrical world. 

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