Electric Heating: Greater efficiency, lower costs.

A more efficient heating system

Mrs Palmer’s 2 bedroom flat in Bradford-on-Avon near Bath had been heated with outdated storage heaters. These existing storage heaters were proving ugly and inefficient, so the onset of winter seemed the perfect opportunity to look for a system that could offer greater efficiency and cost savings. 

Having assessed her likely usage, building characteristics and heating requirements Mobius Works Ltd recommended the Dimplex Quantum system. The intelligent heating system offers the chance to store lower cost energy during off-peak periods, while still providing highly controllable heat when it’s needed.  



“The expert installers at Mobius Works Ltd advised me that the Dimplex Quantum system would offer greater efficiency and cost savings. Not only is it more efficient, it also seemed to be easy to operate and maintain – all of which are important factors for me.”

The Dimplex Quantum system is the ideal replacement for outdated storage heaters as it is highly controllable and provides heat on demand, whilst still being able to take advantage of Economy 7 off-peak tariffs. Each heater is fitted with an intelligent controller, which monitors users’ heating habits and provides easy operation at the touch of a button.


Do it! They are very efficient and the heaters fit into a room well!

Mrs Palmer

Customer, Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire


Dimplex Quantum systems are up to 47% cheaper to run than an electric convector or radiator system

Mobius installed Dimplex Quantum heaters throughout Mrs Palmer’s flat in a single day, with minimal mess or disruption, and the heaters fit seamlessly within each room.

Mrs Palmer has found the thermostatic controls particularly easy to use, she said: “Dimplex Quantum has been so easy to use and seems very intuitive. I love it. I can use the intuitive digital display to control the heating. The setting to put on ‘work’ mode is great. It’s hot before I go out to work and has come on for when I return.’ 



It is still too early for Mrs Palmer to calculate the actual impact that the new heating system has had on her energy bills but independent testing of the Dimplex Quantum system has shown that it is up to 27% cheaper to run than a standard storage heater system and up to 47% cheaper to run than an electric convector or radiator system – offering a potential saving of £975 per year in running costs when comparing a Dimplex Quantum and panel heater system with a system comprising of just electric heaters. 

When asked about the overall experience and what she would say to others considering working with Mobius, she responded. “Do it! They are very efficient and the heaters fit into a room well! .”   View the Dimplex Quantum at Home brochure here

About Dimplex

With nearly 70 years’ experience in developing electric heating products, Dimplex leads the way for innovation, product development and industry insight.

The extensive Dimplex product range spans domestic heating products including the new Quantum heater, commercial heating products, award winning electric fires and surrounds and one of the widest ranges of renewables solutions available from a single manufacturer in the UK, all supported by unrivalled customer service and aftercare support.

As market leaders in electric heating solutions, all products are designed to meet the latest industry standards and building regulations.