Shrinking offices – How our work spaces will face huge shifts post-Covid-19

Lee Bignell, founder and MD of integrated services contractor Mobius Works, is preparing for a huge shift in office working post-Covid-19, and how home-offices will receive a revamp in response. 

Mobius Works is a leading contractor in office fit-outs, and in recent months has created innovate office spaces for Gardiner Haskins, the Lounges café chain’s HQ and co-working space Gather Round, all in Bristol, through to modern garden cabin offices for residential clients.

Today, as many offices sit empty as stay-at-home orders remain in place across the world, companies are being forced to consider what the workplace will look like when the pandemic is over.

Growth in Home Offices

Going to the office may become the exception rather than the rule and working from home could become the new normal. This may lead to employer contributions and Government incentives to support a working from home set-up that meets the criteria for DSE assessment, and will likely extend to a growth in outbuildings and garages being converted to specialised, well designed office spaces for the home or an upsurge in bespoke garden cabins being used as home offices.

The benefits of working from home also extend beyond the work-life balance as this will have a massive impact on our carbon footprint, as has already been shown.

The New Office Environment

We predict office spaces will be smaller but better specified with segregated and partitioned workspaces to allow social distancing. Communal spaces will become larger whereas meeting rooms will see a shift in specification and capability to enable collaboration via technology including an emphasis on video calling software.

Co-Working Facilities

We may well see a growth in facilities that just offer co-working or meeting spaces for small groups of people for those times in which it is necessary for workers to collaborate in person (which will be rarer but more valuable) and this will lead to a corresponding decrease in large office spaces and environments 

IT Infrastructure

The IT infrastructure allowing people to work from home has been proven in the last few weeks as productivity has continued, and this can be improved further. Companies will extend their IT spend to include telephone and data services with greater security and enhanced speed of connection to improve home working.

Nobody knows for certain what will happen to our office spaces following this pandemic, but as we all prepare to go back to work over the coming months, we can be certain that we’ll not return to normal for some time.

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