The Benefits of Electric Cars

What are the benefits of electric cars?

Electric cars are still a relatively new yet revolutionary concept in the automobile industry. Unlike conventional gasoline or diesel-powered vehicles, electric cars use an electrically powered motor which is powered either by batteries, or a fuel cell. The two most well known benefits are that not only can electric vehicles or EVs help to protect the environment, but they can actually save you money too.  Here are some of the benefits of electric cars as opposed to conventional petrol and diesel cars.

They cost less to run and maintain

Generally, electric cars are more expensive than your average petrol or diesel vehicle. Electricity however is cheaper than petroleum, meaning that electric vehicles are cheaper to run and require low maintenance. Insurance costs also tend to be lower for people who drive EVs and those who work or live in central London are not required to pay the Congestion Charge. Charging up an electric car is easy, it can be done at home, at work or at charging facilities on the road. Longer journeys are being made easier for EV drivers thanks to more companies offering electric car charger installation. This means there are more and more free charging and parking facilities all over the UK. Expensive engine work is also not necessary with EVs as the electrically powered engine’s don’t need to be lubricated, meaning lower maintenance costs.  

Government subsidies

People who buy electric cars in the UK can receive government subsidies because of their contribution to helping protect the environment. There are two different government grants available, one which gives the buyer 35% off the cost of the car and another which offers £500 towards installing a home charging point.  

They’re quieter

As EVs run on electricity they are much quieter than vehicles with traditional fuel engines and make for a much smoother driving experience.  

They cause less pollution

Pollution is a huge problem in every major city in the developed world. Your average petrol or diesel car produces a lot of carbon emissions which are released into the atmosphere and cause pollution and greenhouse gases.  

They’re healthier

EVs run on clean, electrically powered engines and don’t emit toxic gases or smoke which makes them 100% eco-friendly. Air quality is the largest environmental risk to public health here in the United Kingdom and electric cars improve air quality and help to keep the air that we breathe clean.  

They’re safer to drive

Although EVs are very different to cars that run on petrol or diesel, they still have to undergo the same safety testing procedures. If an accident occurs, airbags are deployed and the electricity supply will even be cut off to prevent the driver and the passengers from further injury. Electric cars are also less likely to roll over due to a lower centre of gravity and they also have a lower risk of fires and explosions after a crash.