Why are good industrial ventilation systems important?

Why are good industrial ventilation systems important

Fresh air is essential to human survival, ideally we’d spend all of our time outside breathing in the clean air but that’s not always possible. In the UK we spend the majority of our time indoors, sometimes in spaces with poor air flow which can have a detrimental effect on our health. Ventilation systems are crucial to creating a safe and comfortable environment, whether you’re at home or at work.

If you require a factory ventilation system, there are a number of factors you need to take into consideration before you make a decision. Air quality, energy efficiency and temperature are just a few things that will affect the kind of industrial ventilation system design that you’ll need.

Warehouse and factory ventilation systems moderate temperatures, reduce humidity and improve air quality. There are laws in place to protect workers and state that all workplaces need to have fresh, clean air. Natural ventilation from open doors and windows are sufficient in small work places such as an office, but in larger locations like factories for example, proper industrial ventilation is necessary for a number of reasons.


The build up of moisture and condensation can lead to rotting wood and damp and mould appearing on walls, furniture and even clothing. A proper ventilation system will improve the air flow, remove excessive moisture and keep the air inside the building in circulation. All of this prevents the stagnation of indoor air which ultimately leads to condensation.



In a typical factory setting you tend to have lots of people working together in one space. This means the indoor environment can become hot and stuffy rather quickly. Ventilation allows us to control the temperature, which means manufacturers can increase their productivity, as it creates a more pleasant and comfortable workspace.


Air quality

Believe it or not, indoor air can actually be more polluted than the air outside. Bacteria can build up in crowded indoor areas and lead to unpleasant odours and other problems. Proper ventilation systems help to improve air quality, remove any unpleasant odours and reduce impurities and pollutants which can circulate within an indoor space and go on to cause illness and even mould.


Air regulation

Having a ventilation system in place means you control the air flow of the building. During the summer months it’s likely that you’ll have little access to natural fresh air and in the winter you may have too much, meaning lower temperatures. With a ventilation unit you can have control over the air flow and save your business any high energy bills.


Health and safety

Workers having access to fresh, ventilated air is protected by law. Poor air quality can seriously damage the heath of your employees, causing eye, nose and throat irritations, nausea and airway infections. All of these illnesses can be prevented by having an industrial air ventilation system, which removes the excess heat, as well as contaminants like dust and harmful fumes and protects your staff’s well-being.

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